fenisia turco

graphic designer
based in Amsterdam.

fenisia turco

graphic designer
based in Amsterdam.


bloomon x Sissy-Boy

Floral Easter Feast: 
bloomon collaboration with Sissy-Boy.

Typography design and animation for the video ads.

March 2021

ADCN - Dutch Creativity Awards 2020

Design execution of the social media assets for the Dutch Creativity Awards 2020.

Creation of all the assets for the ADCN Instagram, GIPHY stickers, emails, social packages for nominees and winners to share on their social profiles.

June 2020 

Treatwell Mindful Mani

Mindful Mani is a self-care campaign. It involves a “silent” manicure, with the focus 
of giving customers a time out, to relax and zone out.

For this campaign I’ve worked on:
defining the visual concept; shooting real paint to create the main visual design; creating 3 different (handwritten) logos for different markets; designing a toolkit made of digital and print assets to localise for 5 markets; designing the assets for the lauch events (window stickers, flyers, podcast covers, etc.).

Art direction: Danielle Taylor, Ryk Benade
Shooting assistant: Georgia Boal-Russell
Design paint over: Nic Milligan
Copywriting: Rachel Spedding

July 2019

Treatwell x Stylist 

Design for Stylist magazine (UK) wrapping. 

Art direction: Danielle Taylor
Illustrations: Nic Milligan
Copywriting: Rachel Spedding

November 2019

Treatwell Q&A video serie

This was one of my frist projects at Treatwell. Production of a serie of Q&A videos (in both feed and IGTV formats) focusing on different beauty issues, like “How often should you clean your makeup brushes?”, “How can you make your shellac mani last?”, etc. 

Had fun with text animations, transictions and masks, playing around with the SS18 brand campaign videos. 

Have a peak at the full videos: one, two, three

August 2018